Unemployment cover has become more popular mainly due to recent economic conditions. This type of cover is highly recommended if there are any concerns of future employment. The mortgage payment must be fully protected from all eventualities.

Unemployment cover can be combined with Accident and Sickness or taken out separately. Accident Sickness and Unemployment is a short term policy designed to protect the mortgage payment. It usually pays out at 100% or 125%. Policy usually covers up to 12, 18 or 24 months.

Many people take out Accident Sickness Unemployment cover because:

  • The mortgage is the most important payment
  • State welfare in not enough to cover payments
  • They do not expect any financial problem to last more than a few months
  • ASU is easy to buy as underwriting is limited and any previous conditions are often excluded.

We do any mortgage Ltd have access to a limited number of insurers for Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance. We can source the most suitable products at competitive prices, which could save you time and money. Speak to one of our advisers. We are based in Vale of Glamorgan.