Standard Variable Rate mortgages (SVR) can be offered to borrowers; and the rate offered is higher than the fixed rate and discounted rate schemes. Generally the main benefit of Standard Variable rate mortgage is there is no early repayment charge; our mortgage advisers will confirm the product with you.

Standard Variable Rate mortgages are suited to investors and applicants seeking buy to let mortgages or let to buy mortgages. The only down sides to the mortgage product is the payments fluctuate and are at a higher rate.

Mortgage lenders set their own standard variable rates and generally take into account:

  • Market conditions
  • Competition
  • Operating costs and desired profit margins

Our mortgage brokers will advise you the right deals based on your circumstances.

If you require mortgage advice, and need us to source a standard variable rate mortgage, please get in touch.

We have access to whole mortgage market and as mortgage brokers we will go though your options